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Garden Centres & Nurseries

 Bamschoul Becker  27A rue Paul Eyschen, Steinsel with nursery on top of the hill near orchards. Trees, shrubs, roses and perennials.
Garden Center 3 rue Raiffeisen Luxembourg – Gasperich. Plants, tools, ornaments, sundry.
 Mon Jardin  rue de Holzem L-4974 Dippach
Co-labor 1A, Grevelsbarrière
L-8059 Bertrange
Online sellers of seeds Website with online shop for seeds and plants of native wildflowers and wild grasses from proven origins
Arends-Maubach Wuppertal (Trip July 2011)
Grau Ballerner Straße 7, D-66663 Merzig. Nursery and garden centre. Trees, shrubs, perennials.
Bösen  Teichweg 1, D-54294 Trier. Garden Centre, tree nursery.
 Lambert  Franz-Georg-Str. 50, D-54292 Trier. Garden Centre.
 Leick  Im Grünfeld 12, D-66663 Merzig-Ballern. Nursery and Garden Centre.
 Le Jardin d’Adoué 8 chemin du Rupt d’Adoué – FR 54690 – LAY SAINT CHRISTOPHE.  Perennials – and a lovely garden. Greenfingers has visited during trips to Lorraine.
Carrefour des Amateurs de Beaux Jardins Website giving list of nurseries (and gardens) by département – and country.
 Frédéric Gabriel  Bellevaux, 13b – B-4960 MALMEDY.  Perennials.
 Plant Nurseries in Belgium and the Netherlands  List of nurseries, partly in English. Some other countries included too.
 Staudengärtnerei Gräfin von Zeppelin Weinstrasse 2, D-79295 Sulzburg-Laufen / Baden. Perennials specializing in day lilies, irises, peonies and poppies. Also mail order.

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Gardening Information

BBC Gardening
Die GartenDatenbank
Garden Link Collection A wide variety of links to gardening pages – not all are in German.
 Royal Horticultural Society
Gerbeaud. Gardening advice. ideas. links.  In French.
 Jardin! L’Encyclopédie  In French.
 Le Jardin de Sophie  Plant descriptions, links, pictures of gardens, books, blog….seems to have everything! In French.
 All About Slugs
 Noel Kingsbury  Writer and garden designer, with blog and many useful links.
 Gathering Gardeners’ Knowledge  How long do perennials live?
Moss on Lawns

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Jardins sans Limites / Gardens without Limits
Jardins Ouverts de Belgique
Gardens of Lorraine
Mediterranean Garden  Video
 Botanical Garden, Nancy
 Jardins Fruitiers de Lacquenexy
 Strasse der Gartenkunst   Association of open parks and gardens between the Rhine and the Maas. In German.
 Gardens in Westphalia
 Open French Gardens
Carrefour des Amateurs de Beaux Jardins Website giving list of gardens to visit in France
 European Garden network  Association which aims to highlight the contribution outstanding gardens have made to regional identity.
Open Gardens List of private gardens that open to the public on certain days in the UK
 The McBrides’ Garden
 Pinsla Garden & Nursery
 Poppy Cottage Garden
 The Garden House
Coleton Fishacre

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Local Clubs and Activities

Luxembourg Rose Club
Patrimoine roses pour le Luxembourg
Haus vun der Natur
Natur & Umwelt
En Dag an der Natur Activities organized by Natur & Umwelt – in German or French. Downloadable from website. Available usually from April.
Natur & Umwelt English-Speaking Section  Contact John Park
Deutsche Gesellschaft für gartenkunst und Landschaftskultur (Saar-Mosel) 
Eise Gaart Community vegetable gardens in Luxembourg

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Guerilla Gardening Site of those attempting (illegally) to brighten up neglected urban places with plants.
German Garden Museum
Marianne Majerus  A well-known garden photographer from Luxembourg.
Environment Webpage Agenda Talks, excursions etc concerned with nature and the environment.
Wildpflanzen-Saatgut Sicona’s project for collection and planting of wild flower seeds in Luxembourg
Dirt Can Make You Happy

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